Getting your site started

If you haven't had a site build before, here's just a quick rundown of what is needed and some of what is optional. Different sites have different needs.

Quick links.

1. Site address:

2. Hosting:

3. Site builder:

Please note: these are affiliate links. For more details, please see below.

1. Site address.

The site address (also known as URL) is the name of your website. If you  would like a quick guide to choosing the best type of site, click here.

You’ll need to see if the URL you want is available. Price will be dependent on what you want, but generally all our client sites had URLs costing around £10 – £30 per year.

We recommend using GoDaddy.

If you purchase via this link, we get a little commission but there is no extra cost to you.

2. Hosting.

Hosting is where your site will be ‘housed’, on a server.

Server prices vary so much, all dependent on your site’s requirements. You could pay as little as £40 per year for very basic hosting, however that could be detrimental to your site.

We recommend using SiteGround.

For one site, the cost is discounted to £35.40 for year one, then £107.40 per year from there on. (Tip, if you buy three years from the start, you get all three years at the discounted price).

As with the site address, if you purchase via this link, we get a little commission but there is no extra cost to you.

3. Site builder.

Site building software is used to develop your site. There are a number of site builders out there, but we looked at areas such as SEO, usability, speed, advanced features and software support before choosing one.

The software we use is Elementor. (We now run two Elementor support groups with nearly 10,000 members).

There is a free version available, but it lacks many aspects that the Pro version has to offer, hence our sites are all developed on the Pro version. Prices start at around £40 ($49) per year.

If you decide to take any of the optional Website Care packages, we cover this cost.

However, if you wish to purchase this for your site build, please do head over here.

All purchase links are affiliate. The cost is the same to you, but we get a little commission.

Additional software.

Depending on your site requirements, additional software with annual licences may be required.

This additional software (plugins) is generally available in free versions and also more enhanced pro versions which has additional functionality.

Pro versions can (generally) cost anywhere from around £5 per year to £200 per year, and specialist ones can go much higher.

Should additional software be required, we will advise of this before starting any project.

Choosing a site name.

The name of the site is very much dependent on your choice, but the last part can make a difference. Should you have a .com or a Here is a very basic guide:

The last bit of your sitename is called a domain extension. The more popular ones are called Top Level Domains – TLDs

If you are trading globally, be it goods or digital services, this is a good fit.
This is best if you are trading mainly in the UK. In terms of SEO, this is better than .com as you are based in and trade in the UK.

Mainly used for tech based businesses providing internet services, but often misused by various other types of organisation.

As with .net, this is mainly used by charities and also wrongly used by non-charitable organisations. Not good for SEO.

There are many more TLDs, such as .tv, .media, .biz……

Choosing one that is aligned to your business / content is of importance if your site is reliant on SEO.

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